TestComplete – Automated Testing Tools

TestComplete - Automated Testing Tools

TestComplete offers automated testing tools that let you create, manage and run tests for any Desktop, Web or Mobile Client software.

It makes it easy for anyone to create automated tests. Automated tests run faster, increase test coverage and lower costs.
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Product Overview


TestComplete Platform acts as a backbone for TestComplete Desktop, Web, and Mobile. TestComplete Platform helps you to find the right balance between the speed of application delivery and quality at an affordable cost. TestComplete Platform’s integration with other tools ensures quick turnaround is available while releasing software in frequent and shorter release cycles. TestComplete Platform includes support for:

TestComplete Platform - Automated Testng Tools
  • Test recording
  • Automated test execution
  • Object name mapping
  • Data-driven testing with data generation wizards
  • Object-driven testing
  • Keyword-driven testing
  • Test Visualizer
  • Developing custom extensions
  • Database testing support
  • Integration with other tools

Key Features

Key Features


TestComplete Platform


TestComplete Platform - Automated Testing Tools

TestComplete Platform, which powers TestComplete Desktop, Web, and Mobile automated testing tools, helps you create repeatable and accurate automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments easily and quickly.

For using either TestComplete Desktop, Mobile, or Web, TestComplete Platform is a prerequisite. Novice testers can use record and playback feature, while scripted testing support is available for more experienced users.

  • Easily identify changes and reduce debugging time using test visualizer.
  • Download TestComplete and get it up and running in a matter of few minutes.
  • TestComplete’s clear, intuitive, friendly, and customizable user interface ensures no training is required.
  • Use QAComplete TestComplete integration to manage, run, and analyze all kinds of automated and manual tests from a single interface.


TestComplete Desktop Module

TestComplete Desktop Video


TestComplete Desktop has everything you need in an automated testing tools. Powered by TestComplete Platform, TestComplete Desktop provides support for testing variety of desktop applications created using various languages.

Aside from powerful and robust testing features provided by TestComplete Platform, TestComplete Desktop comes with many functional testing capabilities and automated testing tools. With TestComplete Desktop you can create robust and repeatable automated tests. Tests can be recorded from scratch, extended with checkpoints and dozens of built-in library functions, or even made into  data-driven tests to perform an unlimited range of tasks.


TestComplete Desktop Automated Testing Tools
  • Create robust tests without writing a single line of script code using TestComplete Platform’s point-and-click automated test recorder.
  • Create tests at object level and not at image or coordinate level, ensuring regression tests don’t fail when GUI changes
  • Use extensive checkpoints to compare specific operations performed as part of automated tests.
  • Extend TestComplete’s Platform to create automated desktop tests that meet your specific testing needs.
  • Perform side-by-side view of the originally captured screen and the screen captured during the playback of your automated desktop test.


TestComplete Web Module

TestComplete Web Video


TestComplete Web helps you create automated GUI and functional tests for websites, web apps, and mobile web applications. TestComplete Web gives you the power to create robust web tests within short amount of time. For instance, using TestComplete Web, you can not only recognize individual elements on web pages, but even access internal methods and properties of a page.

TestComplete Web comes with numerous features that make automating web testing efficient and effective. Some of these features include support for:

TestComplete Web Application Testing
  • Selenium.
  • Browser Compatibility testing.
  • Browser Screenshots.
  • JavaScript and HTML5 testing.
  • Controlling native browser menus and JavaScript alerts and dialogs.
  • Testing web apps opened in Adobe Flash Player.
  • Web Browser control built into desktop apps.
  • Rich Internet Applications: Flash, Flex, AIR, Silverlight.


TestComplete Mobile Module

TestComplete Mobile Video


TestComplete Mobile automates the testing of your native, web, and hybrid mobile applications. Test on multiple devices without changing your tests, leveraging full access to application internal objects and methods. You can select among the following features to make your automated tests more robust:


TestComplete Mobile Automated Testing Tools
  • Run tests on multiple real devices
  • Test on physical (on-device) , emulators, or virtual machines
  • Image-based testing of black-box applications
  • Automatically deploy tested mobile applications
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Mobile keyword test operations
  • Set up Continuous Integration

TestComplete Mobile allows you to create robust automated tests for native, web, or hybrid mobile Android applications. Unlike other tools, TestComplete Mobile provides full device control and as a result there is no need to root your devices.


  • Run automated tests on real devices as well as emulators without writing a single line of code.
  • Create test once and run it on multiple devices having different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Test Xamarin.Android applications as well as apps using frameworks such as WebView, PhoneGap, Telerik Icenium, Apache Cordova among many others.
  • Choose from VBScript, JScript, C++Script, C#Script and DelphiScript as scripting languages.




Whether you choose to test Desktop, Web, or Mobile automated testing tools, you will benefit from the use of:


Keyword Testing

TestComplete Platform offers numerous built-in keyword-driven testing operations that allow you to easily perform various automated software testing actions on desktop, web, or mobile applications. Moreover, in order to create these powerful keyword tests no programming skills are necessary.

Automated Test Visualizer

TestComplete Platform’s built-in Automated Test Visualizer captures and displays screenshots of each operation performed on the tested application, thereby providing a visual overview of the entire test flow. Most importantly, in case a test fails, these snapshots significantly reduce the debugging time required by a developer.

Automated Test Recording

TestComplete Platform includes a powerful point-and-click Automated
Application Test Recording
Test Recording Engine that helps you create tests quickly and easily.
The Automated Recording Engine records all your actions as automated
test commands, so everyone in your organization can start creating automated
tests from day one.


TestComplete Platform comes with variety of built-in checkpoints that allow you to compare or verify operations during testing. Use these automated testing tools to insert these checkpoints into your scripts or keyword tests during recording just by a simple drag and drop.

Test Editor and Debugger

TestComplete Platform comes with a code editor which makes it extremely easy to write, view, and manage automated test scripts. It provides features such as autocompletion to enable you to type faster and avoid syntax errors. Additionally, using TestComplete Platform’s powerful debugger, you can create breakpoints and even pause automated test execution manually.

Test Reporting

TestComplete Platform generates detailed logs of all actions performed during automated testing. This in turn helps testers perform deep analysis of automated test results and quickly locate and fix errors.

New Features

New Releases


Recent features added to the TestComplete solution include:


SoapUI NG, ServiceV Pro, and SoapUI integration with TestComplete Desktop, Web, and Mobile:

  • TestComplete allows you to add, run, and report on functional API tests created using SoapUI NG Pro and ServiceV Pro, functional API testing and service virtualization tools part of the Ready! API.
  • With TestComplete, you also can add, run, and report on API tests created using SoapUI, which is a free and open source API testing tool.
  • TestComplete Mobile plug-in for Jenkins:

  • TestComplete comes with a new plug-in for Jenkins. This means, unlike previously, you don’t have to execute the automated tests through a command line interface. Launching TestComplete Mobile and executing the desired test project can be done directly from Jenkins builds. Also, once tests are executed, the results get automatically updated to Jenkins.
  • Prices


    TestComplete prices include 12 months of support and maintenance:

    Node Locked - run TestComplete on one physical computer where the license was activated.
    TestComplete Platform
    TestComplete Mobile Module
    TestComplete Web Module
    TestComplete Desktop Module
    Floating User - activate TestComplete on one computer and then run TestComplete on multiple machines (physical or virtual) in your network.
    TestComplete Platform
    TestComplete Mobile Module
    TestComplete Web Module
    TestComplete Desktop Module
    How to order TestComplete:

    1. Online Order Gateway
    2. By Phone (Call 613-368-4300)
    3. Contact info@codework-solutions.com.

    Videos and Screenshots



    Demo of commonly used TextComplete automated testing tools and Mobile specific features:



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