QF-Test – Web and Java GUI Testing

QF-Test - Java GUI Testing

The GUI Test Tool for Java and Web Applications

QF-Test includes test automation for Swing, JavaFX, Eclipse, SWT, RCP and Web .

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Product Overview


With QF-Test, you can be certain that you are using a professional, well established, and efficient tool for automated testing of Java and Web applications with a graphical user interface.


QF-Test - Test Automation
With QF-Test, you will have the advantage of the following:

  • Automated regression and load tests for Java Swing, SWT, Eclipse plugins and RCP applications, ULC, CaptainCasa, Applets and WebStart, JavaFX – on Windows and Linux/Unix

  • Cross-browser web testing of static and dynamic (HTML5 / AJAX) pages with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox – the latter on Windows and Linux/Unix

  • Reliable recognition even of complex and dynamic UI components; Tests are tolerant to GUI changes and thus require little maintenance

  • Various mechanisms of sequential control and modularization allow development of sophisticated tests

  • Configurable reports and test documentation

QF-Test is easy to learn for both developers and testers thanks to an intuitive user interface and capture/replay capabilities. Along with full documentation, you can expect a dedicated team of support staff to assist you with QF-Test.

Key Features

Key Features

Java GUI Testing

Shortly after Java Swing turned up in 1997 QFS started offering QF-Test, a tool for automated GUI testing. Continuously improved and extended QF-Test works reliable for all variants like Applets, WebStart, ULC, Captain Casa and also provides support for Eclipse and its Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), including Plugins and the Rich Client Platform (RCP). Since March this year, on time with the release of Java 8, JavaFX testing is available.

Fine-tuned during its history in numerous customer environments, QF-Test is able to handle applications of arbitrary complexity. Where other tools fail QF-Test often remains the only functioning choice due to its focus on and deep integration with the Java platform. The combination of a quick learning curve and a rich feature set enable writing well structured and maintainable regression tests and make it an efficient and valuable tool in the quality assurance process.


Easy to use:

  • Excellent usability through QF-Test’s intuitive GUI
  • Quick creation of tests with capture and playback
  • Full access to recorded sequences
  • Simple composition of complex tests without the need for


  • Powerful algorithm for component recognition
  • Advanced programming elements like loops and conditional execution as well as variables and procedures allowing modularization
  • Text processing with regular expressions
  • Full access to the Java API of the application under test
  • Integrated scripting with Jython and Groovy
  • XML/HTML based test reporting, incl. screenshots

  • Highly Flexible:

    • All base technologies covered: Swing, JavaFX, SWT, Eclipse plug-ins, RCP
    • Variants like Applets, WebStart, RIA, ULC, Captain Casa are supported
    • Automatic adaptation to changes in the application under test
    • Intelligent recording and filtering
    • Complex components, trees and tables, even with dynamic content directly addressable
    • Generic classes for cross-technology tests, e.g. Swing to JavaFX migration or RCP/RAP
    • Integration with many other software tools (requirements and test management, build tools, issue tracking, …)

    Web GUI Testing



    With QF-Test/web QFS has been offering easy to use cross-browser testing of web-based applications since 2008. Besides classic HTML, testing of dynamic pages and AJAX are supported. Both developers and testers now have a tool available for quality assurance in an easy-to-learn and cost-effective way.

    • Cross-browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome)
    • Real user simulation directly in the browser
    • Supports HTML5
    • Capable of static and dynamic web pages and content
    • Special AJAX toolkit support
      (GWT, ExtGWT / GXT, Ext JS, ICEfaces, jQuery UI, jQuery EasyUI, Prime Faces, Qooxdoo, RAP, RichFaces, Vaadin, ZK, …)
    • Abstracts deep nested DIV hierarchies back to logical GUI elements
    • Easy integration of further and future web technologies
    QF-Test’s integrated test debugger proved very useful for step-by-step execution. It allows setting of break-points, a continued test-run at a different position, inspection of variable binding etc..

    New Features

    New Releases


    The following enhancements are new to QF-Test:

    • QF-Test now supports testing 64bit versions of Firefox on Linux.
    • Dedicated support was added for the AJAX UI framework jQuery EasyUI.
    • Support for Firefox has been updated to match the public release of
      Firefox version 36 and support for Firefox version 37 has been
    • Support for Eclipse/SWT 4.4 “Luna” has been updated for the Eclipse
      4.4 SR2 release.


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